What’s Icing? Episode 45

May 12, 2017

This week there's more banking advice from Molly and Ella, who are uniquely unqualified to guide you in this field, then Duke Reid Duke makes some sports friends, Molly reveals the terrible secret behind her birthplace, and we invent extremely good new rules for hockey.

Also our apologies for the movie discussion where we fail to use a single correct movie title.


What’s Icing? Episode 44

May 5, 2017

It's an all new, all different What's Icing reboot! That's a lie. It's not actually all that different. But we're back to hang out with you, our podcast friends, and we have a slightly new format, some fun new #jokes, and at least 10% hot hockey content.

This week we continue to mispronounce names of Nashville Predators, invite a new co-host to the show, and we uncover an NHL conspiracy decades old and extremely magical in nature. Grab your wands and get ready for What's Icing: The Reboot!


What’s Icing? Episode 43

April 25, 2017

It's our second charity episode! Team What's Icing searches for a theme song, has an incredibly detailed discussion of ass grammar (or is that ass-grammar?), stages a fun debate about hockey cloning, and practices their Marc Andre Tongue Twisters.

Bonus: Briefly meet Momma Ofgeography!


Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 42

April 2, 2017

We're back after a VERY brief break. Extremely brief. Don't question us on this.

This week it's a very charitable episode of What's Icing! We discuss Ella's epic cross country journey, Molly's deep love of Marc-Andre Fleury, Jack MF Johnson's unlikely Bar Mitzvah, and other horrifically off topic subjects.

We've got at least one more charity episode coming up, so there's still time to make a donation! Give a few dollars and we guarantee we'll talk about a topic or question of your chosing: https://bowl.nnaf.org/fundraiser/930370

(And as always, make sure you donate to Ella, not Molly.)


Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 41

October 29, 2015
We start out with the bizarre start to the NHL Season, including CBJ and the sad, strange day (several weeks), alarming So-Cal, the unstoppable Max Domi, and the Canadiens finally pick up some oars.

Then it's on to the NWHL kicking off their inaugural season in style, and discuss the excitement and hurdles of a startup league, the American need for a hometown team, and the punchy underdog Riveters. 

Then it's on to the CWHL with a couple snazzy new logos and a super snazzy new social media game. 

All that plus we answer a few questions (that may or may not actually be questions) from our lovely listeners.

And remember: Stay mahogany, kids. 

Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 40

September 12, 2015
We start out with the more upsetting side of recent hockey news this episode (There's a warning at the start, and you can skip to 11:40 if you want to avoid it altogether.)

After that we deal with off-season boredom with a lot of off-topic rambling. Topics include the NWHL landing on the moon as the CWHL sells black market syrup, Patriotism with a capital P, a brilliant new Dumbledore inspired way to start hockey games, and the most gloriously majestic athletic achievement of Mollyhall's life. 

In conclusion, when, oh when will our sport game come back from the war?

Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 39

August 4, 2015
An extra frickin long podcast today as we finally share our hot trade takes with the world. Having finally emotionally recovered enough for a rational discussion (aka stopped crying into long enough to say real words) we talk trades from little matters like Saad and Kessel to the vastly more newsworthy Brandon Sutter to the Canucks move.

Before we get to trades, though, there's a plethora of NWHL news to discuss, and we all go on #KnightWatch. 

All that, plus we answer questions from you, our dearly beloved listeners. 

Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 38

July 1, 2015
Escape the horrifying roller coaster that is Free Agency Day with a quick jaunt back to comforting, weirdly less dramatic than anticipated memories of draft day. We talk our attempt to marry a podcast, an overview of the NHL's annual divvying up of teenage boys, what in the world is going on on Boston, and some more expansion thoughts. It's not you, it's us, Vegas! 

This episode is in no way out of date 48 hours after we recorded it! (This is all your fault, NHL GMs.) 

What’s Icing: Post Cup Blackhawks Special

June 25, 2015

It's an All Blackhawks Stanley Cup Special Episode of What's Icing! We're asking the tough questions: Will Mollyhall successfully not murder any Hawks fans this off season? Is Duncan Keith underrated? (Okay, probably not.) How many members of the Blackhawks roster still think Miley Cyrus came to watch them practice? All that plus Blackhawks Fairy Kat tells the Michal Rozsival of jokes.


Wait Wait What’s Icing? Episode 37

June 12, 2015
Thanks to technical difficulties, you get just what everyone is clamoring for: Discussion of the NHL Conference Finals a week after they've both ended! Hooray! 

Once you've recovered from those piping hot takes, it's on to the NHL's yearly hunger games/prospect combine, exciting NWHL news, whether or not Gary Bettman is going to relocate the CWHL to Texas, and what exactly a "slad" is. 

Finally we get our Quebecois on answering questions from listeners. All that as we continue to pronounce "Toronto" in the most American way possible.